VIP Program

What is the Sussan VIP program?
How do I join the Sussan VIP Program?
I have qualified for my $50 VIP voucher, when will I receive it?
How long is my $50 VIP voucher valid for?
How do I see my details online?
How do I track my points balance?
How do I update my VIP details?
How often are my points calculated?
Do my points expire?
What happens to my VIP points if I return an item?
Can I use my $50 VIP voucher on a lay-by?
Can I give my card to anyone else when they shop at Sussan?
Can I use my VIP voucher on a sale item?
Can I exchange my VIP voucher for cash?
Can I give my VIP voucher to anyone else?
My sales don't seem to be appearing on my account?
My total seems incorrect - what can I do?
My card has been lost or stolen, what should I do?
I've lost or had my VIP voucher stolen, what should I do?
I haven't received a VIP voucher which I believe I’m owed.
Will I get change if I do not spend the full amount of my VIP voucher?
If I return something which I purchased with my VIP voucher will I receive a refund?
Do I earn VIP points for online purchases?
Who has access to my information?
What are the VIP Program Terms & Conditions?
I have multiple VIP membership numbers, can these be merged?
Can I redeem my $50 VIP voucher online?
I’m having issues using my VIP Voucher online. What do I do?
Can I purchase a Gift Card with my VIP voucher?