At home with: Therese Carrodus

by Sussan, Tuesday 06 Mar 2018
off-duty style

Melbourne based interior designer, Therese Carrodus, is the creative brain behind agency Full of Grace. Find out how she juggles her busy mornings with two kids in our new Bespoke Blooms sleepwear collection.

off-duty style


"My morning ritual these days startts by walking straight into the kitchen and boiling the kettle to make a cup of very strong coffee!"


"For me, a great pair of PJs are loose fitting and mage from a breathable fabric. Cotton is always my number one fabric for sleepwear. Colour wise I love grey, white or pink."

off-duty style


"The thing I look forward to most at the end of the day is changing out of my clothes and into my comfy PJs."

"There is nothing better than feeling 'cosy' when you're at home. Whether it be wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa, listening to music or just turning on a couple of side lamps to make the room feel more ambient."

off-duty style