Care For Your Knitwear

by Sussan, Monday 05 Sep 2016

Caring for your knitwear is easier than you think. Here’s our step-by-step guide.


Knitwear is delicate, treat it with care. We recommend handwashing in warm water using a gentle detergent (or even better a wool specific detergent). Avoid any rubbing, bleaching or soaking as this can cause pilling, damage your garment and affect its shape. Don’t over wash your woollens – it’s not necessary after every wear.


Gently squeeze out any excess water, do not wring or twist the garment as it will lose its shape. If the garment is still very wet, wrap it in a clean towel and squeeze to remove excess water. Ease your garment back into shape whilst still damp and lie flat on a clean towel to dry. Never put your woollen garments in the dryer.


Never hang your knitwear, always fold and store it flat so that your garment won’t lose its shape. It’s always best to ensure all of your knits are cleaned before storing.

Always read and follow your garment’s individual care instructions to make sure ensure your knitwear lasts.