• The Cotton Care Guide

    by Sussan, Monday 12 Aug 2019

    Cotton is an essential fabric found in the wardrobe of every woman. Durable, versatile, breathable; there’s a reason why it’s considered the world’s most popular natural fibre. A cotton singlet, a classic tee, a simple crew neck top; these ... read more

  • The Linen Care Guide

    by Sussan, Wednesday 07 Aug 2019

    We know linen is a fundamental of every summer wardrobe, but we also know it can be tricky to care for. We’ve been weaving the same high quality linen for 15 years. We get how it works when it is dyed and how the quality of the fibre performs. We... read more

  • Denim Care

    by Sussan, Tuesday 06 Sep 2016

    Denim is one of fashion’s hardest wearing fabrics. Looking after your denim is easy and following these few simple steps will keep your denim looking fresh, season after season.... read more

  • Care For Your Knitwear

    by Sussan, Monday 05 Sep 2016

    Caring for your knitwear is easier than you think with our step-by-step guide.... read more

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