Christmas with Nat Decorte

by Sussan, Tuesday 20 Nov 2018

Natalie Decorte knows her way around a polo ground and a Christmas feast. The mother of three and editor of ‘The Polo Project’ reveals her favourite dishes and famous gifts. @natdecorte @polointhecity @thepoloproject

I am half Italian half Peruvian, so we celebrate and have our feast on Christmas Eve. We used to stay up until midnight to open presents, but since having my own children we now wait until Christmas morning. The ideal Christmas Day is waking up (not too early) to a sunny day, enjoying a breakfast of Panettone, coffee, and fresh fruit, while the kids rip open their presents. Followed by a stroll to the beach, a swim, and return home for a late lunch of rolls overstuffed with leftover ham and turkey.

Beach time is our hang time. We live very close to the ocean, so when the weather warms up we try and get there before or after school. The kids spend hours scouring the rock pools or building epic sand villages. Camping is also one of our favourite things to do as a family. Seal Rocks is one of our special places - no phone reception, no work, nor distractions!

Thank you! I like to make it feel homely and relaxed. Try not to follow trends, but gain inspiration from the things that really captivate you in the world. Update vintage furniture when you can; that way it’s totally unique and in my experience a lot more durable. Plants always make a space beautiful. I put them everywhere I can! Display your treasures too. My kids are always bringing things home they pick up on walks, so it’s nice to be able to put them somewhere on display. Often, they are quite beautiful.

The yellow stripe linen dress I wore on the shoot. It’s such a summer wardrobe staple. Pair it with slides for the market or wedges to dress it up.

Polo In The City is commencing its Australia-wide circuit this month in all the capital cities. I will be heading up the fashions at each event, which I absolutely love. The Polo Project will be releasing more features on local polo talent, lifestyle, fashion and travel, so keep an eye out for that!

Find all of Nat's looks in our New Arrivals. Yellow Dress arriving December.