For the Love of Linen

by Sussan, Thursday 07 Sep 2017
For the love of linen

Linen is stylish, sophisticated and looks effortlessly cool. It’s gently crumpled, simply woven, lightweight and wonderfully soft. It’s a staple fabric for sunny weather. That’s why we’re wearing linen. Our fresh styles are designed to be worn and adored for a long time.

Linen by day. Soft linen is a feminine classic and looks particularly good when paired with blue or white denim. Our lightweight pieces are perfect for those mornings when you don’t have the luxury of time, but it’s essential your look is perfectly polished.

Linen by night. Whether you’re heading out to a party or for an evening drink, linen is low-maintenance. Our off-the-shoudler shoulder tropical linen dress is the ultimate statement piece.

Linen on holiday. Smart holiday packing means making room for low-effort, easy-to-wear pieces. In the city or by the sea, you can wear linen everyday, everywhere.


1. We’ve been weaving the same high quality luxury linen for 15 years.
2. It’s natural, soft and breathable – ideal for the Australian summer.
3. It’s shape and softness only gets better with age. Wash using a gentle detergent and let it dry naturally.
4. It’s a classic.