Q&A with Lisa Messenger and Emma Vosti

by Sussan, Monday 23 Sep 2019

In August, Sussan hosted an intimate dinner to celebrate women and encourage conversation around female empowerment. Our guests shared personal insights, advice, tips and words of wisdom.

Lisa Messenger, Founder and Editor in Chief at Collective Hub, led a panel discussion where she spoke with a group of fellow inspiring women, including TV Presenter Emma Vosti.

Below, we feature Lisa and Emma in conversation, as they explain in their own words what ‘Only For Women’ means to them.

What does it mean to you to be strong, powerful, confident?
Lisa: Being able to do what I want, with whom I want, when I want.
Emma: It means knowing who I am and what my values are and then allowing those values to ground me, and my intentions consistently. It's speaking up and having the heart to listen intently. I believe that the greatest asset that a leader can have is the power to empathise: to seek to understand others without the need to win.

How important is it to trust your gut and intuition?
To me, this is everything. It's a well-honed skill after almost 18 years in business and various life hurdles, but it never fails me.
Emma: I trust my gut, and to be honest, I also trust in my experience. It all comes down to core values. Decision making for me is quite simple when you break it down; does this align with who I am, with my values and is it a representation of what I stand for? I also trust the advice of those close to me; people who are on the journey with me and care about me as a person.

Is there one trait that you've witnessed that helps propel women forward?
Mindset is everything. You must harness an unwavering self-belief.
Emma: A good work ethic will never fail anyone. In my industry, emotional intelligence is such a strong trait. It's my greatest strength in my workplace, and it's one that the women I admire have in spades. It's the ability to connect beyond what is obvious, and I believe it's where the best stories are told.

What is the legacy you want to leave in the world?
Lisa: To inspire others by living my best life out loud and showing that anything is truly possible.
Emma: I want people to leave my presence feeling encouraged and valued. I hope that they remember me as someone who had her priorities in the right order, who always valued people and relationships first.

How do you nurture yourself?
Lisa: I nurture myself with lots of non-negotiables like walks in nature, yoga classes, bath soaks and cooking for family and friends.
Emma: For me, time disconnected is super important; I love alone time as it helps me to recharge. I love nature, and walking and Pilates are amazing stress reliefs. I also read a lot and listen to podcasts.

Who are three women who inspire you and why?
Lisa: My Mum - She is just one of the most gorgeous, humble, down to earth, supportive humans. My Sister - We speak nearly every day, and she is just a gorgeous soul ready to make her mark on this world. And let's go with my good friend, Nat Bassingthwaite. She is truly traversing multiple roles and industries in life. I just love all three to bits.
Emma: My Mum - She loves people so fiercely and would give away the shirt off her own back. Oprah - I admire her nature and approach during interviews, her intent desire to understand people, and her passion for women’s education. Joh Griggs - Joh's ability to make everyone that she works with feel as though they're the only person in the room, and her attitude and grace to which she executes everything, is pretty astounding. As a woman in the industry, to be able to learn from someone like her was such a privilege.

What is your view on resilience, tenacity, and is it true that hardships or setbacks can be used as fuel to make us stronger?
Lisa: I have purposefully chosen to consciously flip my mindset to use hardships as the fuel to propel me forward. I always flip it to think "this isn't happening to me but rather for me" and what's the lesson?
Emma: 100% I think we learn the greatest lessons through hardships, and it's what shapes us. It's what we do with those lessons and how we decide to let them impact us that defines our growth. When we're going through a struggling season, I think that it's so important to look back and say "I've been here before. What was on the other side of this taught me so much about myself and what I'm capable of".

What is your superpower?
My superpower is being able to juggle multiple things at once, being a connector and collaborating.
Emma: My singing voice! Ha, as if. Hopefully, it's the ability to make people feel at ease.