Self-Care Rituals

by Sussan, Monday 09 Dec 2019


If you feel like you’re running on empty by the time you’ve finished your morning coffee, consider giving your energy sources a much-needed overhaul. Following the advice of wellness education leaders Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell of The Essentialists, introducing small changes to your routine can help to rebalance and restore energy levels naturally. Take the time to replenish your depleted energy tank with these simple self-care strategies that’ll have you functioning at your best.


Start the day positively charged

Waking up well-rested provides us with the vitality to be productive, the vivacity to communicate effectively, and the motivation to make positive choices throughout the day. Bedtime rituals are an effective way to prepare our mind and body for a night of restorative sleep so that we’re able to wake up feeling refreshed and re-energised.

A consistent sleep and wake schedule will help to regulate the efficient production of melatonin, otherwise known as your natural sleep hormone, which is responsible for keeping your body in rhythm. Setting an evening technology curfew can also be an effective way to allow the mind ample time to wind down and switch off before bed.

Give your sleeping sanctuary a dreamy overhaul, with cosy bed sheets, soft colour palettes and luxurious sleepwear that’ll have you feeling great and sleeping peacefully. Make it a device-free zone to ensure that the artificial blue light by way of technology isn’t interfering with your natural melatonin production.



Refresh with your senses

Understanding how to engage your senses proactively is a great way of achieving an instant natural pick-me-up. While habitual morning aromas such as brewing coffee or freshly squeezed juice can evoke feelings of alertness, essential oils are also a great natural stimulant to increase concentration and creativity levels. For an instant surge of vitality, keep peppermint oil in areas of your personal or work environment where you require more focus or apply a citrus-scented moisturiser or lip balm for an instant energy boost.

When it comes to visual energisers, the introduction of specific colours into your wardrobe or environment can be an effective way to activate your mind and boost your mood. Wear a pop of yellow to stimulate mental activity and channel creativity, or opt for a red ensemble to promote focus and attention.


Lighten and declutter your environment

A catalyst for negative energy absorption, clutter in our personal space can leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed with choice. Paring back on unnecessary possessions and adopting a minimalist mindset can encourage a positive energy flow and provide a feeling of lightness. Consider the areas in your life that require the most decision-making time, such as your wardrobe, office desk or bathroom cupboards, and take the time to remove any objects that aren’t functional or enriching.

A great way to encourage a lighter environment is by performing a wardrobe audit. Take the time to store away unseasonal clothes and curate an edited capsule wardrobe of easy-wear, versatile foundation pieces that you can reach for in an instant. Having fewer outfit choices will streamline your decision-making process and simplify your morning routine.


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