Steps To Simplifying Your Life

by Sussan, Wednesday 18 Dec 2019


“The Life Plan”

If you often find yourself overwhelmed by your to-do list, the art of simplifying can provide mental clarity and improve productivity. We’re sharing advice from The Life Plan by leading life coach Shannah Kennedy on how to make positive changes in simple, sustainable ways that can help to reduce brain clutter and pave the way for the flow of creative energy. Follow these tips on how to apply a minimalist mindset to enhance your everyday life.


Create good habits to simplify your goals

Put simply, habits are repetitive acts built from cues, routines, and rewards. Having a set of effective habits in place is essential to achieving your daily goals with ease. To create a positive habit, take the time to identify your desired outcome and work backwards to establish a relevant routine and cue to help you achieve it. If your goal is to have a stress-free morning, aim to select an outfit at the same time each evening in preparation for the following day. If your goal is to be more hydrated, hold yourself accountable for drinking a bottle of water before you arrive to work each morning.


Declutter to simplify your environment

As clutter accumulates in your personal space, it can remind you of all the tasks you’ve been meaning to get to, but somehow never do. By simplifying and minimising the number of items in your environment, you reduce the need to make unnecessary or complicated decisions. Take the time to tidy your frequently used spaces and rid them of unused items to pave the way for a clear mindset.



Set boundaries to simplify your values

Boundaries are personal guidelines that work as a protective fence to block outside influences from impacting your energy, time, health and happiness. Setting simple, clearly defined personal limits will empower you to say “no” to drainers that may clutter your mind. Consider your core personal and professional values and take the time to set clear boundaries around each one. If health is a priority, set clear limits around diet, sleep and exercise. If increased family time is a priority, set clear parameters around work and technology use that may impede time spent with loved ones.


Clear drainers to simplify your mind

Drainers are small tasks in our subconscious that may not feel like a priority, but when left undone can consume unnecessary mental space and absorb emotional energy. Whether they come in the form of professional responsibilities or personal obligations, streamlining and clearing drainers from your to-do-list will leave you with more time to focus on things you enjoy. Take the time to review the tasks that you tend to postpone, such as the act of paying a monthly bill or scheduling a routine dentist appointment, and look for opportunities to streamline each task in the form of automatic payments or advanced bookings.


Streamline technology to simplify your day

When used correctly, technology can be an extremely productive tool for streamlining your to-do list. The challenge comes in controlling the flow of communication to avoid information overload and unnecessary mental clutter. Ensure that your device is working for you and not against you by conducting a simple app audit, keeping only those that enhance your day-to-day life. As the evening approaches, aim to gradually reduce screen time across all devices, allowing your mind and body to switch off in preparation for a night of restorative sleep.


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