Tash Sefton’s 10 Minute Dressing

by Sussan, Tuesday 05 Sep 2017

Meet Tash Sefton. She’s one half of Australian fashion blog They All Hate Us, as well as the other half of sister artists duo Sefton Segedin.
Arguably one of Sydney’s best dressed women, Tash knows style. For her and her busy lifestyle,it’s all about ‘dressing with ease’. We couldn’t think of anyone better to give us the low down on how she gets it right in just 10 minutes.

Q. Which are your favourite Sussan pieces for summer?
A. The white pieces, especially the shirting. It’s really easy to mix these with both casual and dressy items or colour block for a statement all white look. Head to toe white is big this season. I loved the soft fabrics like the linens and crisp cottons, they feel great to wear – these items will come in very handy when it starts to heat up.

Q. What’s your go-to formula for getting ready in 10 minutes?
A. My biggest tip? Set your wardrobe up so you can get dressed without even thinking. Everything in my wardrobe is hung in categories ‘jackets’, ‘shirts’ and so on. My shoes are out. No boxes and no folding. You can see everything – like you’re shopping your wardrobe to get dressed. Oh and think about what you want to wear when you’re in the shower. I start with the shoes and work my way up!

Q. What outfit best sums you up?
A. How you feel in yourself plays a big part. One day an outfit looks amazing in the mirror, the next you could burn it! But my go-to is always denim teamed with basics, a fabulous handbag and pair of shoes. Classics are the key – there is nothing more stylish than a woman in a simple white shirt and that illusive perfect pair of jeans.