The Joy of Giving

by Sussan, Wednesday 13 Nov 2019

Sussan celebrates women whose generosity of spirit feeds into their life and work, inspiring us all to give back this Christmas. We talk to three impressive women about what the Joy of Giving means to them.


Montana Lower,
Engineer, Artist & Mother

‘At Christmas, I’ll donate to a charity on someone else’s behalf, and watch the true meaning of giving unfold as they become a part of a cause they’re passionate about’, says Montana Lower, an engineer, artist and mother. Her charity Murals For Change aims to empower future leaders through creativity. And she’s about to embark on her most altruistic journey yet: ‘Many of us are itching to do something different and make our mark on the world…I want Murals for Change to water that seed in all Australians, so that it can blossom. Which is why next year, my little family will move into a converted bus and travel across the country, visiting rural communities and working with the youth to teach them how and why it’s so important to create with purpose’.

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Janey Martino,
Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, Smiling Mind

Janey Martino is a high achiever – as well as founding the communications agency Undertow Media, she’s raised three children, sold 72,000 copies of her series of Thank You books, set up the fundraising platform ‘Shout for Good’ and is currently an Executive Director, an Advisor and on the board of various other companies. But her personal successes haven’t stopped her always thinking what she can give back to others, and it’s this spirit of emotional generosity and desire to make a real difference that inspired her to co-found Smiling Mind.

Now considered to be one of the world’s leaders in the pre-emptive mental health space, Smiling Mind combines Martino’s love of young people and meditation, by developing a meditation app that helps them cope better with the stresses of modern life, and embraces virtues that she believes are important: resilience, gratitude, happiness and giving back to the community. Her top tip for coping with the stresses of the festive season? Meditation, of course! That and writing loved ones hand-written cards. She also believes that when it comes to generosity it’s important to walk the talk, so over the festive season her family donates much needed items to Sacred Heart Mission – a charity that targets those experiencing homelessness.


Meredith Gaston,
Artist & Illustrator

As well as being a best-selling author and artist (she’s the woman behind our range of gifts raising money for Breast Cancer Network Australia), Meredith Gaston spreads good vibes as a wellness coach and speaker. The most generous thing she’s done at Christmas?: ‘I once approached a perfect stranger I saw in tears and offered her a hug. It didn’t cost me a cent but it took my whole heart.’

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